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Do you have a driving licence?

Discover how to earn over £350 a day
working as a Specialist Courier
delivering repaired Laptops
and Passports

Places guaranteed for all applications made before 

Dear Applicant,  
Are you looking to earn a decent first or second income - an income that puts YOU in the driving seat?  

If you're confused as to all the job options available on the web - look no further.

DrivingPayUK (established since 2002) -  unveils the most lucrative and highly paid
driving opportunities available on the road today - and you can easily
make a start right now - this very

We're going to show you how you too can easily make £350 or more a day 
(and all your fuel paid-for) delivering special packages across the UK.

If you have access to a car, van or motorcycle - you can do it!

Here's just a few actual examples of what you
can earn each day:

Driving Earnings Chart

Being a Specialist Courier
 has a number of benefits for those wishing to earn the
very best money possible from driving. While it's very true that the 'average' courier work out there is not that well paid - working as a Specialist Courier is a whole
different ball game!

This unique type of work has long proven itself to be totally recession-proof 
and is much more highly paid than traditional courier driving.

Specialist courier driving simply involves delivering small but high value documents
such as: contracts, passports, tenders, cheques, deeds, wills, computer parts
and other items in this special category.

Yet in reality this work is no more difficult than picking-up a package from 'point A'
and dropping it at reception at 'point B'.

Anyone with a driving licence can do this.

It all seems so simple - and it is!

This is not some kind of ‘get rich quick’ scheme - just good, honest (and very lucrative) driving work. This is indeed a very straight-forward way of making money.

You Can Expect Earnings of Over £350 A Day
(and there's a very good reason for this)

Due to the growing demand for Specialist Courier Positions; pay rates are much higher than average for this type of work. Simply set your desired earning rate
(and with your fuel paid-for) clock-up the miles and your bank balance!

The DrivingPayUK "7 Day Fast-Start Driving Application" will quickly get you underway and its aim is to help ensure you can carry on working for as long as you wish.

You'll be paid directly as a result of the courier work you do and payment is virtually immediate (no waiting around until the end of the month).

You'll be given full step-by-step training from us just as you would if you were starting an average type of job. After a very short training period you're then guaranteed to be eligible to begin the process of earning money at the full rate.

There will be plenty of others after your place - so click here to register if you would like to beat the competition and secure your 7 Day Fast-Start Driving Application now!

Some of the Latest Successful Applicants

Steve Holland
Maninder Grewal
Uzair Kaqgi
Gavin Mc Coll
David Farnell
Julie Nash
Pete Weller
Jhon Proano
Jaswinder Singh
Owen Davies

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You really can make a start today,
 working the hours you choose with this genuine and guaranteed courier-driving opportunity.

How Does It All Work?

You’d be paid anything between £1.00 - £2.20 for each and every mile,
(both there and back).

A journey such as Cheltenham to Liverpool and back would be worth around £390
at the rate of only £1 a mile. Your costs would be a measly
 £25 or so.

That means you make £365 profit!! For really important jobs you can be paid
as much as £2.50 a mile.

(Of course 'Cheltenham' is used in this example but if you're based anywhere else
that would change to suit you)

If you are working in the courier industry already by the way, applying via us will show you how to triple or quadruple your profits virtually straight-away.


courier packages

 Could you deliver small packages like these?

There is a full 7 Day Fast-Start Program (voted 'top choice' on GlobalDrivers.org)
to guide you through the process of setting-up your work. Once you start we place
no limit on the driving you do.

You have no fixed working hours and can start and stop as you wish.

Your driving opportunity does not involve any stockholding, selling or phone sales in any way. You'd be paid to simply pick up a small parcel at 'point A' and drop it off at 'point B'.

This online opportunity is open to adults of all ages and backgrounds.

All nationalities are welcome. No skills or previous driving job experience
is needed
 - just a current driving licence and access to a car, van or motorcycle.

Steve recommends


Simple '1-Step' Start

We will provide you with instant access to our Specialist Courier Operatives Area 
and all you need to get started.

   You will have all the information there on how to get started: where to go for your work, and specific details on how you'd get paid.

You will be paid instantly via a secure payment made-out to the name you give.

Apart from the straightforward training instructions
- the Specialist Courier Operatives Area 
will include a full database of companies and the pay-rates
you can expect.

Your Specialist Courier Operatives Area will show you how quickly you can start driving and is designed for you to be earning over £350 a day in 7 days (or less).

All your fuel costs are paid-for, and there is no minimum and no maximum driving limit which is guaranteed for the whole of 2013 and 2014.

What You'll Also Learn:

Special 'trade secrets' on how to slash 50% off
  your motoring costs
 - which you can take advantage of even
  if you decide not to take-up a job offer!

How you can get a must-have Satelite Navigation device for
 (Master Manual - page 45)

Full contact lists on how to get this very highly-paid work
(Master Manual - pages 48 - 202)

* A massive 'insider' list of 839 courier companies
  - all waiting for YOU

* The 'backloading' secret - and how most couriers get it wrong
(Master Manual - page 42)

Penalty points - wipe them out using little-known loopholes
  in the law
(Master Manual - page 46)

 delivery vans  Why Wait?
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 7 Day Fast-
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Winning Client Support

A one-time registration of £99.95  £49 is required to cover the costs of training materials and includes all processing and support costs for a full 12 months.
We ensure
 this once-only payment is as low as possible to encourage those who genuinely want to get on the road quickly.

All training and new-starter information is delivered online via a password protected Operatives Area. You'll be given access to this 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
- 365 days a year.

From your Specialist Courier Members' Area you'll be able to download your
£350 A Day - Master Manual plus the contact details for the 839 Courier Companies and much, much more!

It is important to remember you will be paid a superior rate of remuneration for every job that you do - and you can drive for 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... even 6 or 7 days per
week if you wish! (Your choice).

Your very first job easily recovers many times your initial investment and will enable you to carry on working with no restrictions or limits.

To get started, simply register below by clicking the 'Get Instant Access' link
and filling-in your details.



Please note there is a full 12 Month Support Service provided

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This opportunity is open to all men & women over the age of 18
who can legally drive a car or small van.







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